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Space is interesting!

Look at the sky. It seems that it is very close-reach out and touch the sun or the moon, well, if you climb to the top of a tall tree, you will find yourself next to them. But actually it is not so. Neither we can reach the sky with our hand, nor the trees with our tops. The sun, moon and stars are very far from us. This is a large planet to which you want to fly in a spaceship.

There are 8 planets in the solar system. All of them are circling around the Sun, and constantly on the same path, which is called the orbit. And one of these planets is our Earth.

There will come a time when the spacecraft with people leave the Earth and go on a journey. A reliable bridge from Earth to space has already been thrown by the launch of Soviet artificial satellites, and the road to the stars is open!

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev


We participate in international projects, cooperate with major universities.


Attend our lectures, they are created specifically for the young audience and are held in a game format.


Visit observations through telescopes and see with your own eyes the stars and entire galaxies.

Space - it is informative!

Today, after sunset, do not be lazy to look at the sky. Depending on how dark it is outside, you will surely see several thousand stars. All these stars are in our galaxy, the milky way. You can even see with the naked eye one of the other galaxies, is only to look.

The blue of the sky is due to the thickness of the illuminated particles of air, which is located between the Earth and the blackness at the top.

Leonardo da Vinci

Solar system

The most important thing about our home.

Objects in the night sky

What we can see in the night sky with the naked eye or with simple binoculars.

How it works

Learn how space works and how we can interact with it.